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Celebrating Innovation


As ISAIC celebrates our 5-Year Anniversary on July 10th
we would like to share some of our stories. 
to our achievements, we’re grateful to the many supports we received. 
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History and Background

ISAIC’s Journey Started Back in 2018

Mehadi Sayed and Edmond Lou were the principal investigators of AI Supercomputing Hub at the University of Alberta. When AIS Hub project was completed, the company evolved to ISAIC (Industry Sandbox & AI Computing), providing computational resources for AI projects here in Western Canada. Read more 

Today, ISAIC Grows to be a Cloud Sandbox for Industry

In 2023, ISAIC joined Alberta CREATE Centre, the industry arm of the university, where innovators can build big, small, intelligent products. ISAIC is growing with new cards and focuses on companies from all verticals and all sizes. As a cloud sandbox for industry R&D, ISAIC is helping tech industry to commercialize their AI/ML-based projects. Read more


Special Thanks to Our Sponsors:

We also want to express our special thanks to our sponsors, whose support has been crucial in our journey.

Canada     Alberta innovates      UAlberta

Supported by Our Funders, ISAIC Made Impacts


In the past five years, ISAIC has achieved significant progress. 

Originally tasked with supporting 40 small- and medium-sized enterprises, 
ISAIC exceeded expectations by successfully assisting 148 companies. 

Their impact extends beyond business growth: they’ve trained 897 highly qualified personnel, far surpassing the initial goal of 100. 

Additionally, ISAIC’s efforts have resulted in over $26 million in funds raised. These impressive outcomes demonstrate ISAIC’s commitment to advancing AI, fostering innovation, and empowering Canadian businesses.


Building a Strong Team Through Collaboration and Support.
ISAIC's success today would not be possible without the invaluable contributions of key individuals and the dedicated ISAIC team. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to:  

- Mehadi Sayed        - Edmond Lou
- Ivan Fair                  - Archana Singh    
- Barton Satchwill     - Crys Vanier 
- Eric Flaim 

And the entire ISAIC team (Jim Boyes, Usama Arif, Omid Hajihassani, Solange Gagnebin, Griselda Sukmoro), as well as past team members.

Partnerships in Alberta and Beyond

Society 5.0

As a meeting place of industry and the ecosystem, Society 5.0 stands as 
a non-profit, member-based association serving as the nexus between industry and the technology ecosystem, driving the paradigm shifts of tomorrow.

ISAIC is thankful to Brenda Beckedorf
for welcoming ISAIC. Learn more

Platform Calgary

As the front door to innovation in Calgary, Platform Calgary connects members to resources they need from the local tech community. 
ISAIC is thankful for Jordan Pinkster, Kim Aban, Taylor Clapp for welcoming ISAIC. Learn more


We appreciate your support 


If you can introduce us to startups, scaleups, and companies of all verticals and sizes who are developing 
new data/ML/AI products and need a development HPC cloud sandbox. 

We are also seeking partnerships with other organizations, entities, 
and resources that contribute to enhancing the competitive edge of Canadian companies.