ISAIC is a mission-based enterprise driving for adoption and commercialization of AI in Western Canada. We strive to provide an affordable, scalable, flexible infrastructure foundation that meets the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in Western Canada. Our pricing is about finding the best fit for your computational needs and the tailored approaches that we offer.

Getting started with ISAIC


Virtual Machine ❨VM❩

1. Dedicated

Pay-per-virtual machine

A VM created solely for you

Providing you with continuous access

Subscription based

Term: months or years

2. On-Demand


Your VM is created upon login and destroyed at logoff

Providing you the maximum flexibility for your business needs

Term: hours


3. Management

Leverage ISAIC expertise to manage, maintain and support your infrastructure

Term: months or years

*Free time trial for virtual machine, onboard or off board anytime
GPU Type Hourly On-Demand Monthly Dedicated
ISAIC Price Market Price ISAIC Price Market Price
A100 (80GB) $1.42 per hour $5.50 per hour $777 per month $4,014 per month
V100 $1.15 per hour $3.79 per hour $578 per month $2,398 per month

1 GPU, 4 Cores, 64 GB of RAM, 100GB Disk Storage

Note: We can customize based on your needs

ISAIC uses a combination of public funding and pay-for-use to ensure that we provide evolving infrastructure and resources that meet our clients’ needs.

Our Pay‐For‐Use Pricing:

Our pay-for-use pricing is based on a benchmark of cloud providers, on premise procurement options, public-private serving entities, accelerators and client feedback. Using a benchmark ensures we maintain a balance of affordability, competitive rates and viability as we accelerate your A.I.mbitions.

Uses a laddered fee structure. This ladder provides supplements for AI start-ups and new AI adopters to enable a low cost, flexible environment for experimentation. Public funding enables us to offer affordable rates to AI adopters from Western Canada.

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