We provide high performance computational resources



At ISAIC, we have a host of high-end AMD and Intel CPUs, ideal for General purpose computation, simulation, and HPC programming

Up to 32 Cores


Each client has access to the latest and fastest storage cards on our compute nodes with the NVMe and SSD technologies as well as backed up block storage managed by CEPH for external reliable storage for each VM. With our reliable and resilient storage service you can gain TeraBytes of storage capacity for your files, results, and models trained and created on the ISAIC platform.


Our GPUs are coupled with high memory multi-channel RAM of up to half a TeraByte for fast data transfer and processing.


DGX A100

RTX Titan




ISAIC provides a wide range of GPUs from the Tesla and Quadro families to Nvidia. With ISAIC's dedicated GPU access your company can have access to the latest and greatest Nvidia GPUs such as A100 PCI-e based and NVLinked (DGX), V100, A6000, A5000, and A4000. With the wide variety of GPUs that ISAIC provides, at a competitive price point compared to other cloud providers, your company can gain faster training times, CAD results, and overall better performance over your competition.


Virtual Machines

Using Virtualization technology and with a keen eye on not overprovisioning our resources, ISAIC provides close to metal performance accompanied by the security and convenience of Virtual Machines with a backbone of constantly updating open source, and virtualization technologies. ISAIC provides Virtual Machines that best meet the needs of our users and serves them to meet their convenience. ISAIC offers Dedicated and On-Demand Virtual Machines that differ in the availability of the service.

Virtual Machine Dedicated

The Dedicated option matches the user profiles with the best machine to meet their needs, 24/7, every week of the month. This option comes with subscription and yearly payment plans

Virtual Machine On-Demand

The On-demand option provides service at the convenience of the user, giving the option of hourly payment and a pay as you go option. With the On-demand service, the user get access to the user portal which gives them control over starting and shutting down their VMs, managing projects and users, managing access, and viewing utilization

Jupyter Hub, Visual Studio Code, Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook and Hub provide a convenient UI based access to data scientist that do not necessarily need to know what's under the hood but need access to high-performance solutions to develop models, code, algorithms and visualize results. ISAIC has experience providing JupyterHub and Notebook solutions for Educational and Industry clients with up to 100 users at a time. This service can be created and used with any flavor of GPU, CPU, RAM, and Storage and with both the Dedicated and On-demand solutions.

Kubernetes and Serverless - coming soon

ISAIC is using hardware and software solutions with state-of-the-art GPU devices that come with Multi-Instance-GPU or MIG and the A100 DGX server from Nvidia to provide serverless solutions. Our team is also developing a cloud-native solution, provided by ISAIC, that delivers serverless solutions to our users. Stay tuned for more information and news on when this service will be available.


ISAIC provides solutions, hands on support and services to clients at an affordable pricing compared to enterprise cloud solutions. Please follow on to our pricing page to find out more about our competitive pricing and our laddered pricing paradigm for Small to Medium sized companies and startups just like you!

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