ISAIC's Compute Configurations

ISAIC offers choice and flexibility in our offerings. Whether you are looking at our standard offerings or custom configuration, duration and scale, we can tailor components to meet your project’s needs. The building blocks of our AI Compute configurations are our leading high performance computation engines, general purpose computation platforms, rigorous networking and data storage, and our data sandbox.


High performance computation engines

ISAIC provides and maintains world-class CPU and GPU performance. We constantly seek to provide access to best in class general computation instances so that SMEs can have the speed and advantage that researchers have and the access that our leading international infrastructure procurement partners can provide. The ISAIC advantage is unparalleled and affordable high performance computation and acceleration with our support services.

General purpose computation

Our CPU platforms combined with fast and ample 16GB per VCPU core of fast RAM deliver affordable yet fast general purpose computation tailored to the most demanding industrial simulation and modeling tasks. We also offer Lamba workstations.

Rigorous networking

We provide a safe, privacy-preserving, low-latency interconnection between our computation nodes for a connection with low jitter and lag for our services.

IPC addresses, software and other benefits

Our location at an educational institution facilitates the extension of certain training, software, and other benefits to our entrepreneur clients. Help us understand your needs in a discovery.

Storage and data sandbox

Our VMs are built using local storage on the node, and are ephemeral which means when the VM is destroyed so is the data on it which creates very fast data transfer reads/writes of 100Mbs. Our sandbox is a virtual machine that allows clients to come in to experiment with data which is then disregarded after the client is done their experimenting. The built-in storage is not backed-up unless the client would like to do so. Data storage attached to the VM has a RAID 10 configuration and is being backed up and kept safe.

For Reference
How to consider traditional offerings in relation to ISAIC AI Garage options?

ISAIC Options
The ISAIC Advantage

Powering your A.I.mbition

Gaming PC, laptop On-demand standard offerings Scalability, faster access to in-person supports
On premise node, serverless platform, container technology Subscription or pre-configured virtual machine (lambda, CPU then GPU) Scalability, shared costs, access to in-person supports
On premise small cluster Multiple virtual machines or tailored configuration Scalability, shared costs, access to in-person supports, worry-free for continued maintenance and upgrades
Commercial cloud provider or resources allocation competition Colocation or managed contract / procurement Local for data, scalability, shared costs, access to in-person supports, no egress fees or other lock-in risks, worry-free for continued maintenance and upgrades

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