AI Garage for Instructors and Learners

ISAIC’s AI Garage offers high-performance computational resources to help instructors enable AI and data science projects in their classrooms. Students who are completing their thesis or coursework and professionals who are interested in tinkering with AI can also gain access to the AI Garage.



Understand the needs


Verify systems, sign-on, confidentiality, supports and coaching


Launch virtual machine


Follow-up supports and services

Through a discovery, we’ll seek to understand your business and your AI computational needs.

We’ll recommend a combination of computational resources to help you achieve your classroom or project objectives.

Once resources are confirmed, you’ll be onboarded onto your virtual environment. If you are new to cloud-based computing, we’ll guide you along the way and make sure you’re using your resources effectively.

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Standard Offerings for Students and Professionals

Get set up with a combination of CPUs and GPUs with on-demand access. This offering for students and professionals is based on spare capacity at ISAIC.

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Custom Offerings for Instructors

Additional configurations and GPUs can be provided to instructors and customized to your classroom project and number of students. Instructors can also be set up with a data sandbox to enable collaboration between students.

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reduce the time it takes to train and deploy your models.

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"Purchasing and maintaining computing infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. Had ISAIC existed a year ago we would have saved ourselves a lot of money and effort.”

Dr. Salim Samanani
Founder and Medical Director, OKAKI