AI Garage For Business

ISAIC’s AI Garage offers startups and small & medium businesses a secure virtual environment and affordable high-performance computing to accelerate data science and machine learning.

Our CPUs, GPUs, storage, cores, tools, processing, and more, are all tailorable to your business needs, so you can conceptualize, validate and iterate your machine learning models faster.

Looking to get started with machine learning or simply curious about AI?
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Understand the needs


Verify systems, sign-on, confidentiality, supports and coaching


Launch virtual machine


Follow-up supports and services

Through a discovery, we’ll seek to understand your business and your AI computational needs.

Access is offered on a hybrid sliding-scale model to businesses. If your company will benefit from our high-performance computing, we’ll recommend a combination of resources to help you achieve your business objectives.

Once your resources are confirmed, you’ll be onboarded onto your virtual environment. If you are new to cloud-based computing, we’ll guide you along the way, and as your AI needs develop, we can scale our resources and upgrade you as needed.

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Standard Offerings

Get set up with a combination of CPUs and GPUs with on-demand or longer-term access.

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tailored Offerings

Custom configurations, durations and scale (12, 24, 48 GPUs) are available. Access additional storage, tools, and cores. We also offer a number of unique arrangements and subscription models.

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colocation Offerings

ISAIC can also provide management contracts, partnership arrangements, and co-location for AI infrastructure or data cache.

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"Purchasing and maintaining computing infrastructure is expensive and time-consuming. Had ISAIC existed a year ago we would have saved ourselves a lot of money and effort.”

Dr. Salim Samanani
Founder and Medical Director, OKAKI